July 23, 2018

** South African EMS crew caught in crossfire between two gangs while responding to call

** Texas woman indicted for allegedly assaulting EMTs at MVA scene


** A Cape Town ambulance was damaged by gunfire Tuesday, after an EMS crew got caught in a gang crossfire. News 24 (Jenna Etheridge/November 2) said the Hanover Park call played out around 8 a.m. after the paramedics were called in to certify a death. The incident comes one month after some 300 emergency personnel protested the violence being directed at them by the public. Western Cape Health spokesman Robert Daniels said no one was injured, however Hanover Park has been identified by medics as a particularly violent area where police escorts should be mandatory.


** A Lubbock, Texas grand jury has indicted an area woman who allegedly assaulted EMTs following a car accident. KCBD (November 1) said Sabree Frohnhofer was handed the decision Tuesday in the undated incident. According to the news site, Frohnhofer became combative after EMS was hailed to treat her following an MVA. Along with attempting to punch responders with her fists, she also let loose with the spittle but did not make contact. Once at hospital, she then allegedly attacked two nurses. In addition, she attempted to maintain holding her breath to lose consciousness. There is no word on her next court date. The medics involved were uninjured.



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