July 15, 2018

** Thieves steal plaque commemorating Australian air ambulance paramedic

** Off-duty Toronto paramedic saves man’s life at gym after he suddenly collapsed


** A bronze plaque memorializing the untimely death of a New South Wales medevac paramedic has been stolen from its Bridal Veil Falls perch. The Lithgow Mercury (Angela Thompson/November 21) said the commemoration for Michael Wilson, 42, who died December 24, 2011, was attached to some rocks with both cement and screws. Wilson died at the spot after hitting a rock ledge while trying to winch a patient to the safety of his air ambulance chopper. A New South Wales Ambulance spokesman said his organization is working with police to retrieve the stolen plaque. Cameron Edgar said if it can not be found, a replacement version would be installed. Police continue to investigate.


** An off-duty Toronto paramedic is being credited with saving a man’s life after the man suddenly collapsed at an area gym Monday. The Toronto Sun (Vito Pilieci/November 21) said the incident, which played out around 9 a.m., saw the unidentified medic immediately institute CPR on the 57-year-old who was without vital signs. After shocking the man with the gym’s AED, the paramedic managed to get a pulse back. By the time the man was transported to hospital, he was both conscious and breathing.


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