June 21, 2018

** Michigan paramedic crew from Detroit save man from burning car

** Scottish paramedic, charged with sexually assaulting female colleagues, says he is being framed


** A pair of Michigan paramedics from Detroit are being credited with saving a man’s life after pulling him from a burning SUV seconds before it exploded Monday. That is the word from WXYZ (Curtis Jackson/October 4) which said the incident took place at a busy intersection. According to the news site, the SUV had crashed under an overpass and broken into flames. The fire department had been called, but EMS arrived first. Medic Jason Hawkins said he used the ambulance’s fire extinguisher to keep the flames at bay while his partner Jason Cornell worked to free the man. When the extinguisher emptied, Hawkins said they opted to just forcefully pull the man free rather than let him burn to death. The vehicle was rapidly engulfed shortly afterwards. The man, meanwhile, suffered burns to his feet, as well several fractured bones. He is expected to fully recover.


** The trial of a Scottish Ambulance Service paramedic, accused of sexually assaulting female colleagues, continued this week with the accused claiming the charges resulted from the women colluding against him. The BBC (October 5) said David Lee, 31, told the court his sexually liberal co-workers only objected to police when their willing antics with him were discovered. He said he was being framed with deliberate and calculated lies which showed no regard for the impact such untruths have on him, his wife, or his child. Lee has been charged with 15 different counts involving five women between 2013-15.


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