June 21, 2018

** Ontario woman arrested, charged after allegedly throwing vomit on paramedics

** Alberta charity trains, gives PTSD service dog to suffering first responder


** Ontario police in Guelph have charged an area woman with assault with a weapon and mischief after she allegedly threw a bucket of vomit on attending paramedics. That is the word from CTV Kitchener (October 12) which said the Tuesday incident played out around 2:30 p.m. at a home on York Road. According to the news site, the woman had hailed EMS for unknown reasons, then became unruly upon their arrival. Although the vomit did not hit the practitioners, it did damage medical equipment after landing on it. There is no word on the motive for the attack. Police have not named the woman, but stated her age was 22-years-old.

** An Alberta based organization aiming to help out first responders suffering from PTSD has graduated its first service dog. That is the word from Global News (Phil Heidenreich/October 11) which said Zakk, who was trained by Hope Heels and is a collie, has already been asigned a first responder handler. According to the news site, Zakk will nudge the responder with his nose if he senses the individual is becoming too agitated. He will also lean in towards his human companion to provide reassurance. A spokesman for the organization said they are looking to train other dogs for the same purpose. As such, the group needs individuals to give their time to train puppies. Donations are also welcome.


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