July 23, 2018

** Four South African men,  who stabbed an attending paramedic in the face, granted bail

** Scottish Ambulance Service medic acquitted on charges alleging he sexually assaulted female colleagues


** Bail was granted Wednesday to four men who allegedly stabbed a Pietermaritzburg paramedic in the face September 24th. The Independent Online (Sherlissa Peters/October 6) said the group were let out by a city district judge. According to the newspaper, medic Lungelo Ntombela, 25, was set upon at an intersection by the group wielding knives, a baseball bat, and their own fists. He had stopped at the site after happening upon a car accident in which the men were involved. Along with facial wounds, Ntombela was also stabbed in the right hand during the fracas. Both injuries required stitches. All four assailants are charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. Other charges could be impending and another attacker may also be charged.


** In a surprise decision, a Scottish jury has returned a not guilty verdict against a paramedic accused of sexually assaulting his female colleagues. ITV News (October 6) said the jury deliberated for only two and half hours before returning with their decision on the case of David Lee, 31. According to the news site, Lee maintained that sexual contact with the women was consensual. He also denied culpable and reckless conduct which referred to him allegedly putting latex gloves down the women’s tops so he could retrieve them. He was also cleared of the allegation that he had exposed himself to the women and made inappropriate sexual comments about them. Following the verdict, Lee, who said during the trial that he was being framed, declined comment.


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