June 21, 2018

** Milwaukee paramedic attacked in garage by swarm of teens wielding car jack; suffers only minor injuries

** Alberta premier names overpass after Fort McMurray first responders who held the line during wildfires


** Milwaukee police in Wisconsin are investigating after a paramedic was attacked by five teens while in his garage earlier this week. WISN (Ben Hutchison/October 27) said the incident saw the youths hit Ben Hampe on the head as he was leaving for work. The yobs, aged about 15-18, wielded a 70 pound car jack which they tried to use to hit Hampe several more times in the head. They then attempted to run him over with their SUV. Hampe said he was able to dodge most of the blows and grabbed on to the SUV’s front grill to avoid falling under the wheels. Along with hearing the group shout challenges to each other to kill him, he also saw the thugs ransack his car. Miraculously, Hampe only suffered drag marks on his elbows and hips, as well as a few cuts and bruises. Police say the incident could be related to a nearby purse snatching.


** Alberta’s Premier Rachel Notley has named a Fort McMurray overpass in honour of the firefighters, police, and paramedics who held the line during the wildfires this past summer. 660 News (Ian Campbell/October 26) said Responders Way is located on King Street over Highway 63. According to the news site, Notley said all those emergency workers who stayed during the blazes allowed for a safer situation and considerably less loss of property. Wood Buffalo Mayor Melissa Blake echoed Notley’s sentiments, saying the community recognizes emergency personnel are heroes for their efforts during the fires.


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