July 23, 2018

** Sentencing hearing yesterday for disgraced Nova Scotia paramedic convicted of sexually assaulting women

** South African paramedic arrested in connection with illegal cigarette smuggling operation


** A disgraced former Nova Scotia paramedic was sentenced to 30 months in jail yesterday for the sexual assault of two different female patients in 2013. That is the word from the CBC (Shaina Luck/October 20) which said the sentence is to run concurrent with James Duncan Keats’ four year term for raping the wife of an elderly patient  Prosecutors have decided against an earlier goal of having him declared a long term offender. A total of six women have alleged that Keats sexually assaulted them. One case did not go to trial, while Keats was found not guilty on two charges and guilty on three others.


** Organized crime and corruption police have arrested a paramedic for allegedly smuggling illegal cigarettes into the Musina area. The Herald Live (October 20) said the unnamed practitioner was taken into custody alongside a police constable and a man who worked as a SARS quality advisor. Charges include money laundering, corruption, and defeating the ends of justice. The men are all between the ages of 35-43. The trio appeared in court for the first time yesterday. At press time, information on the outcome of the proceedings was unavailable. In addition to the three mentioned above, three police constables were also arrested last week on similar charges.


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