July 15, 2018

** Hefty sentence handed to Michigan man who slashed medics with boxcutter; kidnapped, killed, and raped two other women

** Chicago medic under fire after identity change, prison record, gang ties, and weapons permit come to light


** A Detroit, Michigan man, who attacked paramedics with a box cutter last October 20th, will likely never see the light of day outside prison walls again after being sentenced to 40-80 years on each of four separate convictions. The Detroit Free Press (Elisha Anderson/October 13) said Michael Montgomery was sentenced yesterday for the slashing assault on paramedics Kelly Adams and Alfredo Rojas. Adams, who spoke at the sentencing hearing, said Montgomery cut arteries in her face, despite attempting to fend him off with a stool. Rojas, meanwhile, had severed arteries in his hand. Apparently not contesting the medics’ accounts, Montgomery pleaded guilty to assault with intent to murder x 2, assaulting/resisting/obstructing causing serious impairment and assault with intent to maim. In addition to the above mentioned charges, Montgomery was also convicted in two cold cases, one from 2006 involved the rape and murder of Dantoya White. The other case involved the kidnapping and rape of a 33-year-old woman in 2005. Montgomery, who looks to be in his 30s, will not be eligible for parole review until he is 71.

** A Chicago paramedic with both a prison record and gang ties has come under scrutiny for using an alias to obtain his EMS licence. That is the word from The Chicago Tribune (Kate Rosenberg-Douglas/Rosemary Regina Sobol/Jeremy Garner/October 12) which said Michael Arquero’s ruse was revealed last month when he was shot 4 four times during a drive-by and subsequent police response. According to the newspaper, Arquero’s real name is actually Larry Myers. He grew up in New Jersey. Police checks found he also used the name Michael Trivasano. Arquero, who legally changed his name in 2008, has used his current identity on his wedding certificate, EMT licence, and for work. Authorities say he also used it to obtain a concealed carry permit for firearms. During the September 9th drive-by, he used his Glock 9mm to fire back, killing the 18-year-old driver of the vehicle. The gang shooting was deemed self defence, but Arquero was still charged with weapons offences. His status as a felon could see him land back in jail for 4 years. Police say they are concerned Arqueros’ various identity changes allowed him to legally obtain firearms when he should have been prohibited. Both Chicago police and Illinois state police are investigating.



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