April 21, 2018

** Ohio EMT dead after Thursday accident with SUV

** New Zealand ambulance crew attending stabbing victim pelted with bottles


** The driver of an Ohio ambulance hit by an SUV has died in a Toledo hospital. That is the word from WKBN (September 23) which said Sandra L. Cline, 45, passed away Friday. According to the news site, Cline was behind the wheel of the EMS unit Thursday when an SUV ran a stop sign, plowing into the ambulance and forcing it to overturn. The car driver, EMS patient, and two EMS passengers sustained non life threatening injuries in the crash. Police continue to investigate.


** A Wellington ambulance crew narrowly escaped injury Friday after being pelted with bottles while attempting to attend on a stabbing victim. Radio New Zealand (Adriana Weber/September 24) said the 2:30 a.m. incident in Lower Hutt played out after an early 20s aged man sustained six stab wounds at a birthday party turned street brawl. According to the news station, some 50 people were involved with one man arrested for assault and 8 others taken into custody for disorder and obstruction. Ambulance Association President Mark Quin said drugs and alcohol no doubt fueled the attack on the attending medics. Quin said such incidents occur every weekend, with practitioners expecting to endure some sort of abuse during call-outs.


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