June 20, 2018

** San Francisco paramedic fired for engaging in sex with civilians while on duty

** Website breach at Alberta College of Paramedics could impact thousands of first responders


** A San Francisco Fire Department paramedic in California has apparently been fired for allegedly having sex with civilians while on the job in his ambulance. That is the word from KTVU (September 23) which said the unnamed practitioner apparently engaged in illicit acts while his partner drove the EMS rig. The jig was up for the provider when the boyfriend of one of the medic’s paramours complained. An appeal of the termination is pending. The news site said while it is being considered the medic will likely remain on the job. The fire department has so far declined comment.


** A breach on the Alberta College of Paramedics website resulted in the security of personal EMS practitioner information being compromised. The CBC (Mark Lamoureux/September 24) said the glitch is believed to have potentially impacted thousands of first responders. According to the news site, the problem, which occurred between 7:30 p.m. on September 23rd to about 11:30 a.m. the next day, has now been contained. However, during the 16 hour interval practitioners logging on to the site could view the personal information of other providers. Individuals who did not possess a login could also create one and then view the database at their leisure. So far, five people have been identified as doing the latter. The cause of the breach was apparently a software update.


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