April 21, 2018

** UK medic dies while boating

** Queensland woman arrested after attacking female paramedic trying to help her


** A West Midlands paramedic has been found dead after going missing September 9th while boating. That is the word from The Express and Star (September 18) which said the body of Walsall resident Thomas Hodgson, 42, was found Saturday. According to the newspaper, Hodgson was last seen in an inflatable boat heading out to his Brixham based yacht. Having a strong interest in sailing and diving, Hodgson had only just accepted an EMS position in Devon a short time ago and was planning on moving to the area. Because his body was found floating in the water, detectives have now opened an investigation into the death. Autopsy results are pending. Funeral services have not yet been set.


** A Queensland woman will likely be hit with several serious charges after attacking a female paramedic trying to help her and spitting blood into a police officer’s face Saturday. 9News (AAP/September 18) said the unidentified 28-year-old Toowoomba woman allegedly became violent around 5 p.m. after being asked to leave a party with her boyfriend. According to the news service, the woman got into her vehicle, leaving the passenger door open and knocking down two people as it reversed into a garden. The car then hit two other autos before flipping over onto its roof. Once inside the ambulance, the woman punched the attending female medic, elbowing her as well. Then, while at hospital, she spewed blood on a male police officer. Along with serious assault police, and serious assault public officer, she is expected to be tagged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, and driving under the influence of liquor. There is no word yet on her first court date.


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