June 20, 2018

** Irish ambulance explodes at hospital; patient killed

** South African ambulance hits, kills 3 pedestrians


** Two Nass paramedics suffered serious burns Tuesday after their ambulance exploded outside Nass Hospital. The Journal (September 20) said the 2 p.m. incident, which killed a patient and placed one of the practitioners in intensive care, prompted an evacuation of the facility. The victim, who was a man in his 70s, was being transported to the hospital when the EMS unit caught fire. Witnesses said they heard several bangs and explosions before smoke engulfed the vehicle. Police are investigating. There is no word yet on the possible cause of the blast.


** Three pedestrians are dead after being hit by an ambulance Wednesday near Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. That is the word from News24 (September 22) which said two people died at the scene, while the third passed away a short time later. The unnamed driver of the EMS unit, meanwhile, remains unconscious in hospital. According to the newspaper, the crash occurred when the ambulance attempted to pass a vehicle by taking to the shoulder. It is not known whether the prehospital rig was lit up at the time. However, police spokesman Mali Govender said no patient was on-board. Govender also said culpable homicide charges could be laid against the driver of the ambulance.


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